Youth Sunday School
Ministry at St. John United Methodist Church is organized using the NOW (rm) model.  Ministry is organized under (N)urture, (O)utreach, and (W)itness.  As the connection focuses on rethinking church, St. John is redesigning how it does ministry honoring the traditions and people's needs and expectations while not being controlled or held back by doing the same thing as we always have.

Under the NOW organization the following ministries are  organized in this way:

Nurture: Focus is on the internal happenings of the church and to prepare the members  of the church to minister to the community and world:  educational, fellowship, and worship are examples of the work of the nurture ministries of the church.

Outreach:  Focus is on the needs of the community (local, state, regional, national and international):  Concern and Advocacy ministries, Global Ministries.

Witness:  Focus is on the development and strengthening evangelistic efforts of sharing personal and congregational stories of Christian experience, faith, and service:  Going into the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ,  expanding membership, and witness.